„Deftige Grüße“, room 20

ZIMMER FREI 2021, Hotel Mariandel

Eröffnung: 12.10., 19-24 Uhr

opening hours 12-22 Uhr
Finissage 17.10.with live_music

Transience is part of the poetry of it all

We use terms like „nature“ and „natural“ in demar- cationto any form of artificialityand producedness. But the very existence of the word „natural product“ reveals the paradoxical tension that exists between these two poles – the often- denied intersection in the midst of this al- leged dichotomy. It is supposed to underline the naturalness of a product, but at the same time re- veals the producedness of nature: we turn nature into a product, subject it to the rules of a market

Cultivate and optimize it. Imitate and stage it. We package and distribute it. We appropriate „nature“ by „managing“ it. But also by consuming „natural products“ and making them part of our homes and even our bodies. We outsmart and manipulate nature and yet we are dependent on it. But nature outlasts us and does not ask for us. It is without us.