… hit me baby one more time,



date:  17.07.2021 –   25.07.2021 opening hours: daliy | 10:00 – 20:00 Uhr

location: Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, auditorium

…Hit me baby one more time by Marie Jaksch examines the face as a privileged place of human expressiveness and, at the same time, as a symbol of its crisis-riddenness.Three face sound sculptures made of ephemeral material, into each of which loudspeakers are cast, stand on tripods in the room. The bass-heavy sound makes the faces wobble, deconstructing the face. The installation moves in the paradoxical field of tension between the touched and the touched, in which it reflects on the fetish character of touching and focuses on the processual: When do touches remain fleeting and „invisible“ when do they leave (visible) traces, form scars?