I’ve got the Power

Spätgaben, Galerie von Empfangshalle 05 November 2019- 19.01.2020

Vernissage 04.02, Ein paar Tage nach der Welt, Akademiegalerie

Exhibition 05.02-10.02.2019, Installation, Soundperformance with Bulgan Molor-Erdene

I‘ve got the Power
Beads, USB multi-charging cable, pedestaled, sound installation

I‘ve got the Power
Annual gifts gallery from the reception hall Munich, 2019 Akadmiegalerie Munich, 2019

Has technological progress replaced faith? Or got it replaced by a belief in technical progress? Is natural science a natural religion?
Technology a new form of transcendence?
The Free Church Way of the Future, founded by Ex-Google developer Anthony Levandowski, transfers
religious symbolism, rhetoric and rites into a supposedly secular or even atheistic digital or post-digital world. Artificial intelligence is worshiped as a deity, the user manual ennobled to the catechism. Religious practice as pragmatic reaction to the technization of our lived-in world, which gets perceived as unstoppable and uncontrollable. After humankind now God also have to become a machine – or rather: the machine becomes God – so that we do not lose hope and faith.

We may have declared the Everafter void and pronounced God dead, but our way of thinking and our language are still pre-structured through reli- gious metaphor.
The work I‘ve Got the Power searches for religious aesthetics and gestures in seemingly trivial objects,
postures and acts: pilgrimage, praying, meditating, the search for redemption and enlightenment as part of a permanent process of loading, unloa- ding and recharging; a chain of repetitions that can be reinterpreted and reintroduced but not broken through.