1.12.&2.12.2023 dance – Performance by „service not included“ ZIRKA – Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Raum- und Kulturarbeit Could the human body be thought of as a resource for renewable energies? And if so, what would be the consequences? Is this the way out of the environmental and economic dilemma, the beginning of a new collective thought or would this only result […]

„Happy Meal“@Volksbühnen Pavillon Sternschuppen Berlin

service not included, Freitag 27.January, Opening 19.00 – open end “Happy Meal” is the firstepisode of an experimental series that explores the performative potentials of eating together. In this issue we look at dependencies, intimacy and care work. We invite you to Sternschuppen, the pavilion of Volksbühne, to eat and drink together and to participate in an exploration of […]

access to excess November 2021

collective „service not included“ Marie Jaksch, Charlotte Oeken, Joscha Faralisch Immersive live Performance “ access to excess“ 2021 opening 18. November, 19. and 20. November 20.00 – 02.00 Service not included hygiene and ecstasy  are two storylines that have run through human history since its beginning – two seemingly parallel plotlines of the same narrative, which nevertheless repeatedly cross, overlap […]