dance – Performance by „service not included“

ZIRKA – Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Raum- und Kulturarbeit

The performance >Blackouts< creates and examines societal questions around the idea of a human power plant: Say human kinetics can unlimitedly be used to generate electricity – how will the perception and self-conception of our bodies be affected?
Will humanity integrate itself within an elemental cycle of power generation hence overcome the self-constructed dualism between itself and the rest of nature?

Or is this to be just another era of exploitation and exclusion unfolding: Who will be used to generate electricity? What kinds of bodies are workable and which are not? Collectivity here equals the capitalization of human bodies.

SERVICE NOT INCLUDED parades one of their courageous immersive performances implementing the opportunity to co-create a discourse on energy and its consumption. Superheroes meet bodybuilders, cowboys meet pregnancy and a line dance group collides with a quite hairy choir – all that remains is two questions: Who is actually powering whom and are tears the most crisis-proof currency?