performance mit Oliver Möller und Jakob Geßner, live Musik Joe Masi
Jahresausstellung Klasse Julian Rosefeldt 2018

Musik Joe Masi für die Performance „Wax On, wax off“


Performance sculpture
Annual exhibition Academy of Fine Arts Munich, 2018

The rodeo as a representation of the mechanized reconstruction of the past, a time that has never existed before and nevertheless acts as a model for agents in today‘s society. In the ritualized taming of an „animal machine“ a fluid, liminal space opens up without own attributions, which makes it possible to overstep one‘s own limits.

In the ecstatic encounter of man* and animal machine, two men* break away from the norms that previously arranged their lives when they entered this temporary and unstable space. Hope and fear, contingency and danger meet in the evocation of an imagined masculinity*. Your own value, your own ideas of masculinity* are renegotiated in a process that turns the inside out and in which the animal ultimately gains the upper hand.