Kunstverein Leipzig

29.08.2021 KV Leipzig „Musarion“ 2020 film   (dcp 30 min) written and directed by dominik bais vincent hannwacker, marie jaksch, mara pollak julian rabus  MUSARION  adapts the eponymous work by german writer christoph martin wieland and transfers the love story into the present day. phanias withdrew from the city of athens to the countryside to leave his old life behind. but one day he […]

…hit me baby one more time

… hit me baby one more time, DIPLOMA SHOW, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich 2021 Diplomausstellung 21.2 Datum: Sa | 17.07.2021 So | 25.07.2021 Öffnungszeiten: täglich | 10:00 – 20:00 Uhr, letzter Einlass 18:00 Uhr; wenn die maximale Besucherzahl erreicht ist, kann es zu Wartezeiten kommen Ort: Akademie der Bildenden Künste | Altbau | Akademiestr. 2 Vestibül, first floor Die Arbeit Hit me baby […]


Recyclable coffee cups, recyclable takeaway packaging, napkins made from recycled paper – in urban cafés and bistros, the green revolution seems to have won long ago. We ride our bikes, shop with baskets or jute bags at packaging-free supermarkets, and have helped provision boxes and glass drinking bottles achieve a renaissance. We seem to have disposed of waste from our […]

AVISO, Magazin für Kunst und Wissenschaft in Bayern

Ultratouch oder basale Stimulation, veröffentlicht im AVISO Magazin https://www.stmwk.bayern.de/kunst-und-kultur/magazin-aviso.html Ultratouch or basal stimulationSound and video installation, 2.28min, loop Ultratouch or basal stimulationVideo / sound installation and performanceKösk Munich 2019Galerie von Empfangshalle Munich 2019Published in Aviso, Magazine for Art and Science Bavaria 2019 „The digital bonding may ease deepest fears of loneliness and death, but at the same time it reduces […]