zimmer frei _ Hotel Mariandl

„Deftige Grüße“, room 20 Eröffnung: 12.10., 19-24 Uhr 13.-17.10.2021opening hours 12-22 UhrFinissage 17.10.with live_music Transience is part of the poetry of it all We use terms like „nature“ and „natural“ in demar- cationto any form of artificialityand producedness. But the very existence of the word „natural product“ reveals the paradoxical tension that exists between these two poles – the often- […]

access to excess November 2021

collective „service not included“ Marie Jaksch, Charlotte Oeken, Joscha Faralisch Immersive live Performance “ access to excess“ 2021 opening 18. November, 19. and 20. November 20.00 – 02.00 Service not included hygiene and ecstasy  are two storylines that have run through human history since its beginning – two seemingly parallel plotlines of the same narrative, which nevertheless repeatedly cross, overlap […]